Paul Whiffen

I have been working in KM for 20 years, including Head of KM for three organisations in different sectors. I understand the theory and know how to make KM real and effective from experience gained in both leadership and supporting consultancy.


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Achieving Actual Change in KM Implementation

Many of us have seen Change Initiatives, in KM or other topics, that produce nice slides or documents but don’t actually change anything. It almost seems that the more beautiful the slides the less tangible the actual change achieved.

Buzzwords and phrases come and go, and there may be some interesting conversations at the conceptual level, but the change doesn’t happen – it was just a passing fad. This “assumed change by osmosis” doesn’t work…even if it is safer because it doesn’t rock the boat.

When I came to starting to work in change for KM implementation, I was aware of this and realised I would need to think about this and not fall into the trap.