I found Paul to be an inspirational and enthusiastic Knowledge Management leader and practitioner. Having been brought into a customer-facing organisation that had not had any formal KM processes previously, his enthusiasm and structured approach to the topic was more than enough to make me realise just how much I needed to apply the principles. Once I’d made that decision, he then continuously demonstrated a thorough and structured approach when supporting me across a wide range of strategic and tactical KM activities. He was also very open and approachable, and was very supportive as I implemented a range of KM activities across a group of people for the first time.

Graham Kidby - Chief Engineer CSS UK MBDA Missile Systems

Paul combines strategic vision with the tactical know-how to deliver an practical and effective knowledge management environment at corporate and personal levels His energy and enthusiasm coupled with excellent communication skills has ensured that this key business asset is recognised, managed and developed throughout the organisation.

Phil Cooper - Business Process Management, MBDA Missile Systems

Working with Paul was refreshing and informative, I found him to be very knowledgeable, with an ability to clarify and pass on the multi-dimensional aspects of Knowledge Management easily to every level of the business

Andrew Wall - Head of Innovation, MBDA Missile Systems

In a varied career, I have worked with academics from MIT to Imperial College; professionals from NASA to Jaguar but I have NEVER met someone with the passion, purpose and drive that Paul has. Most importantly, he aligns these qualities to drive effective deployments. Watching him overcome corporate, transnational and cultural differences, with his bravery, diplomacy and steely determination, is a wonder to see. Paul is also a joy to work with, but most of all, he gets the job done.

Melanie Smart - Launch (Development) Manager, Jaguar Land Rover

Paul worked with passion and dedication to instil a knowledge management culture at M W Kellogg. He is an oustanding advocate of this process and would be an asset to anyone considering adopting KM.

Steve Marchant - (UK HSE Manager, MW Kellogg)

Paul introduced the whole topic of corporate knowledge management to MW Kellogg Ltd (now KBR) by driving through the required work processes, procedures and routine practices that enable a company like ours to capture both project and personal knowledge for future benefit. Some of the methods introduced were innovative and "different", thereby meeting resistance from some factions, but others could see the great benefit in capturing our knowledge rather than relying on vast lessons learnt databases that require a major effort to sort the "wheat from the chaff". Paul managed to maintain his enthusiasm, interest and focus through challenges to the changes in culture and outlooks that were required required, and in my view was a pleasure to work with.

Barry Weightman - Senior Manager, Engineering Operations, KBR

I worked for Paul during the initial stages of KM in M W Kellogg Ltd (now KBR). Introducing the KM concept in a technical oriented company like this is itself a major challenge. Paul managed to keep focused on the objectives and successfully motivated the company to adopt KM as a part of the services offered to clients, the ideas and procedures he proposed are still in use. He transmits that enthusiasm on his daily activities and has the ability to build a strong team. I enjoyed working with Paul and learnt a lot from him.

Eva Araujo - (MW Kellogg Ltd / KBR)

Paul was responsible for conceptualising and architecting innovative Knowledge Management solution for M.W. Kellogg Ltd. I have been given number of opportunities to work with Paul and his team to investigate, design and implement cost effective KM solutions within the company. I have no doubt that Paul has wealth of experience and wisdom around knowledge management topics. If you really want an expert, Paul is the man to talk to..!

Nehal Deliwala - IT Manager MW Kellogg Ltd

Paul is totally passionate about knowledge management, and is hugely experienced in all aspects of implementing it in an organisation. He introduced the concept into Tearfund, influencing others across the organisation from a place of real experience, with enthusiasm, energy and tenacity. The legacy that Paul left has meant that Tearfund has been more effective and efficient in responding to the needs of the world's poor.

Astrid Foxen - Head of Global Learning & Talent Management, Tearfund

Paul's work at Tearfund was an inspiration to many other organisations and proved that knowledge management tools and approaches, developed and popularised in the private sector could also be used by non-profit organisations. Nowadays we take for granted that KM can be applied in international development settings but it was not always so. Paul's unreleting optimism and his passion for KM, combined with a depth and breadth of understanding and experience of applying KM in diverse international settings, enabled us to achieve real momentum in using these approaches at Aid Workers Network. Paul's support and encouragement was instrumental before and during our start-up, and he served diligently as a member of our board of directors.

Mark Hammersley - Livelihoods Internal Engagement & Capability Director, World Vision

At MW Kellogg Paul provided significant methodology in bringing an abysmal "lessons learned" process into a proper professional activity with his KM techniques and understanding. I found it a real pleasure to work with Paul who could put flesh on the bones of the needs I percieved that the Company needed to address.

Cavan McDonald - Former Chief Engineer, MW Kellogg Ltd.

In the UK Government, Ministerial Departments differ in size, organisation and culture – factors which can shape and constrain knowledge sharing across the civil service. Paul's approach to implementing Knowledge Management, transcend those departmental differences. His approach is built on tried and tested principles and when delivered, is sufficiently flexible and adaptable for all organisations; recognising that what works for one is not guaranteed to work for another.

One of Paul's many strengths is his ability to de-mystify knowledge management. He is adept at weaving in real world examples with pragmatic advice. Showing how even the toughest organisational cultural and behavioural challenges can be overcome, in order to get knowledge flowing into projects and out again.

Since 2016, Paul has been a key contributor to the Government Project Delivery Community, an online network spanning 25 ministerial departments. A highly popular contributor online; with numerous articles, blogs and discussions that address key topics such as; how to manage knowledge and learning gained from projects, to how to leverage that learning back into the wider organisation, raising capability to delivery projects successfully. Away from the online community, Paul has also kindly delivered numerous seminars across Whitehall, where his excellent communication skills, expertise and enthusiasm, have continued to switch on light bulbs.

Adrian Davis, Government Project Delivery Community Manager, Infrastructure and Projects Authority.